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When giving handmade soaps as a gift, don't forget to take the time to come up with creative packaging ideas. Even something as simple as adding a strip of patterned paper and a ribbon bow to your soap can make it seem like a very special present.


Ideas to make a special soap  aren't hard to find, regardless of your skill level with this craft. Experimenting with molds, colors, fragrances, and special additives is a wonderful way to make a unique and one of-a-kind soap. Just remember to take careful notes as you work, so you can duplicate your soap later on if desired

Creating decorative soap using decorative soap molds is a simple way to jazz up your project. Soap molds are available in many different shapes, which makes it possible to create specialty soaps for any occasion imaginable. You can also use small cookie cutters if you're on a tight budget

Adding special ingredients to your soaps can make them seem like a pampering treats from a luxurious spa. Honey is a good additive for handmade soaps, as are oatmeal and shea butter


Once you've mastered basic soap making techniques, you may decide to use some of your leftover supplies to make another bath and body items like scrub, facial & body mist spray, shower gel, bath salts, lotions and many more…

Our Soap Making Kit is fun and incredibly easy to do.  Just follow the step by step tutorial, and the soap is ready to use as soon as it has hardened. Easy to washed off and make your home smell fabulous. You can even choose and add in your own ingredients and customize the soap to fit your needs. It save for kids too..

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